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Hastoe Green Homes Standard Phase 2


As a specialist rural housing provider, Hastoe prides itself on its ability to respond to the needs of its residents. A strong track record in delivering environmental sustainability, and an instinctive understanding of the needs of rural communities has resulted in the implementation of a significant retrofit programme of ground source heat pumps. The key aims were to raise the environmental performance of our existing stock and to provide affordable warmth to those residents living away from the gas network.

As part of rolling out the Hastoe Green Homes Standard, in September 2012 we embarked on a £1.5 million retrofit programme to install 77 ground source heat pumps to homes in rural areas in the South West and East Anglia. We were delighted to receive £175,000 from the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Social Housing Competition to assist with this.

HSR Ltd & CSR Ltd


Home Survey Reports along with CSR Sustain provide a range of professional services to clients in both the public and private sectors driven by the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive and Part L of the building regulations.  We offer residential and commercial knowledge of carbon reduction policy in the UK across all building types.  We provide services to help our clients find appropriate funding solutions across ECO,

Green Deal and RHI so they can realise energy efficiency improvements to their building portfolios.  We deliver on a UK wide basis SAP & SBEM calculations, EPCs, Green Deal Assessments and Chartered Survey Reports to meet Ofgem guidelines.  Our client base includes all sectors of building professionals, specifiers and installers”.

IFORE (Innovation for Renewal)


We're passionate about IFORE (Innovation for Renewal). An exciting and cutting edge international partnering project. It’s leading the way in reducing residents’ energy bills by nearly 40%. We’ve retrofitted 100 homes in Rushenden on the Isle of Sheppey Kent with the latest technological eco-measures. But what’s so fantastic is at the same time we’ve empowered our residents to learn and save money. We’ve done this by providing practical skills and advice via a range of activities and training programmes.



The immerSUN is an Eco Energy Management Device which re-directs potentially exported PV or other Micro-gen Power to the immersion heater, storage, electric underfloor and/or space heating.

Prior to our invention of the immerSUN, achieving an effective return on Micro-gen was very difficult, particularly PV as the most generation takes place during the hours when least usage is made. The immerSUN makes effective use of the power automatically, allowing for power hungry devices like water and space heating, to utilise the generated power with no fear of those devices using Grid power unless the immerSUN is specifically instructed using the intelligent Boost features.

Institute for Sustainability


Institute for Sustainability is an independent charity established in 2009 to support cross sector collaboration and innovation. Our mission is to significantly accelerate the delivery of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable cities and communities. We do this by driving innovative demonstration projects and developing programmes to actively capture and share learning and best practice. Our activity is in the areas which it believes present the greatest challenge – and opportunity – for creating sustainable cities and communities. One of the key areas is Resource Efficient Buildings (REB), with a major focus on low carbon building retrofit.

The Institute has been committed to addressing the building retrofit challenge since our inception in 2009 – when we highlighted to Government and others the huge importance of existing building stock in the low carbon agenda, far more important in overall impact terms than new build.

Internal Wall Insulation Up-Skilling, British Gypsum Technical Academy team

british gypsum_1

For more than 40 years, British Gypsum has been committed to providing comprehensive training to installers and merchants, as well as apprenticeship schemes. With a focus on training and development, British Gypsum is pro-active in providing a more holistic support for Green Deal installers. Leveraging its expertise in manufacturing certified products eligible for the Green Deal, British Gypsum partnered with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to develop Specialist Upskilling Programmes (SUPs), for tradespeople to maximise their understanding and skills development to install IWI systems.

The five-day intensive course, led by Technical Academy Team from British Gypsum through the UK-wide network of Saint-Gobain Technical Academies, offers installers an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills regarding the installation of internal wall insulation systems to enhance building insulation and energy efficiency. 




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