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Better_Retrofit_Partnership_Logo_RGB_WebThe Better Retrofit Partnership is being formed to promote industry-wide understanding of the need for a new approach to the refurbishment of traditional buildings: an approach that is based on an integrated approach and fully joined-up processes.

Currently, the vast majority of mainstream retrofit projects in the UK fail to consider energy, health, fabric durability, environmental impact and usability together. This can lead to serious consequences for building performance and user health, including thermal bridging and the increase in moulds and bacterial attacks from trapped moisture. It also means overall energy performance targets are not met because savings made in one area are undermined by energy leakage in another.

As experts in their own fields, the founding partners in the Better Retrofit Partnership are committed to working individually and together to transform the way retrofit projects are planned and delivered in the UK.

The Better Retrofit Partnership will be offering a fully integrated solution to estate managers, social landlords, homeowners and building managers looking for an approach that is proven, safe and competitive. This means accurate assessment; the highest technical and design expertise; a holistic understanding of the issues and relationships between energy, health, fabric, durability and environmental impact in traditional buildings; plus a delivery mechanism with guaranteed results.

The founding members of the Better Retrofit Partnership are Parity Projects, Natural Building Technologies, Baumit and Aereco. All four are recognised leaders in their fields, offering some of the best products, systems and services on the market.
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